What Is Green World Tanzania?



Green World Tanzania, Mwanza Zone



Green World Tanzania is a branch of the Green World USA, an international group of companies engaging itself in the research, development and manufacturing of pharmaceuticals, nutritional herbal supplements and cosmetics. The mother company, Green World USA, has branches in more than 70 countries worldwide and more than 20 in Africa alone. The company was officially registered in Tanzania on 9th September 2009, with registration Number 67366. Since then it has been performing is duties smoothly and many Tanzanians have benefitted from its services.


Offices Of Green World Tanzania


Green World Tanzania has currently only one office in Tanzania from where all administrative activities, sales of products and training activities are undertaken.


Ofisi za Green World Tanzania


Tha company has outlet shops in the cities of Mwanza and Mbeya. You can get information about our company by dialing 0655 858027 or 0756 181651. Our shop in Mwanza is along Rufiji street and the one in Mbeya is located at Kabwe. You can get to our Mwanza shop by dialing 0744 266206.

Needless to say, plans are on the way to get more offices in other Tanzanian cities due to the growing demand of its products. The Green World Company plans for the future are to “tap untouched countries and market segments in the African continent”.


Who Is Green World Tanzania For?


The Green World Slogan is “WE CARE, WE SHARE. WE CARE for your health, quality of life and your future. WE SHARE with you the Green World business opportunity, and the 5000-year health care philosophy from China.” The founder and CEO of Green World USA, Dr Deming Li, was determined to introduce herbal treasures which are outcomes of her scientific research to everyone, anywhere in the world.



Green World Tanzania, therefore, is a business opportunity that is to be shared with anyone, anywhere in Tanzania regardless of his financial or educational status. Anyone is eligible to join and enjoy Green World’s products to improve his health and quality of life. It is an opportunity for doctors in hospitals, nurses, teachers in schools, students in colleges, secretaries in offices, stay-at-home moms; it’s for all!


 Products Of Green World Tanzania


Green World Tanzania is a distributor of a wide range of herbal products. Green World products are numerous. There are packages for:

  1.  Bone And Joint Care
  2. Parasitic Care
  3. Slimming Care
  4. Brain Care
  5. Children Care
  6. Female Care
  7. Male Care
  8. Detox Care
  9. Body immunity Care
  10. Cardio Care
  11. Cancer Care


Successes Of Green World Tanzania


Since its inception in 2009, a number of Tanzanians have had great successes with this company. Many have improved their qualities of life and are getting big bonuses every month. Many awards have been given to those who showed exceptional performance ranging from cameras, ovens, TV sets, free tour trips to china to cars worth $10,0000.

The video clip below shows part of a ceremony, an award winning event, that was held at Blue Pearl Hotel (Ubungo Plaza, Dar) on 28th February 2015, where 14 members were given their tickets for a 14 days’ free tour to China and 4 members were awarded with cars each worth $ 10,000.



Car awards ceremony



Training And Tools

Training for members and those who aspire to become members of the company is provided for free at the Green World’s premises everyday.


Joining The Green World Tanzania Company


Joining the Green World Tanzania Company is very simple. The company has a very small joining fee of Tshs 30,0000/= , which I am sure, everyone of us can afford. This amount of money entitles you to get an introduction to the company CD, a Start Kit and to buy products from the company anytime at a distributor’s price which is 25% less than the retail price. You automatically become a 1*Consultant Distributor of the company. You can get more information on this by reading a page (in swahili) at “Ubora Wa Kampuni Ya Green World Tanzania“.

To join the company simply click on the link below and fill in the form that appears:





I personally recommend this company to people who want to earn extra income or who are looking for a full-time work-at-home business for a number of reasons.

.  The company has been in business for a long time and success stories from it are abundant. I know one lady in South Africa ,who is a billionaire, who started with this company 12 years ago (She was a teacher by profession).

.  It’s a company that is there to stay.

.  It’s compensation plan is very simple, that can be understood easily by everyone.

.  It pays its members monthly and promptly.

.  Their products have proved to be very effective and are getting popular worldwide.

.  It is a business that can be done everywhere and it’s products are in high demand, making your marketing efforts very much  easier.


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For more information, contact us through promota927@gmail.com or directly by phone at 0655 858027 or 0756 181651.




Pata Mahitaji Yako Ya Dawa Za Nje Kwa Matatizo Yanayokusumbua Ukiwa Tanzania. Boresha Afya Yako Kupitia Tovuti Hii

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